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Joining our religion is simple: 

1) If your own beliefs are able to align with a majority of our core precepts, then you are already halfway there provided there are no major conflicts of interest for you.

2) The next step is simply to notify us of your intention to embrace our beliefs as your own. This can be done with the registration form below. *Those undergoing the Ritual of Affirmation must do so in person or via video chat format.

That's It! You're a member of Unicorn Ministry.
Blessings be upon you!
FYI: We will not release member names voluntarily as we consider one's faith to be one's own business. Further, we do not sell member information to third parties in any way.
*We do not require any sort of tithes or donations from members, though they are free to donate should they wish, and we will find a worthy cause to support with it.


Fill out this brief form to register as a member of our faith

Welcome to Unicorn Ministry!

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