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                                Love For All                                   
Basic Precepts Of The Faith:

-The right of control over one's own body is inviolable.
-We are all sprung from the same source, all beliefs being valid in some way. 
-Science is the manifestation of our advancement in understanding the universe. Value it above even the law of the land.
-Live authentically, as your true self. We often engage in the ancient practice of body modification utilizing dyes, tattoos, piercings, exercise science, and medication therapy such as with hormone alterations. 
-Love whomever you choose. Engage in sexual conduct with any human being who is an adult and a willing participant. Love holds no shame.
-Gender is a social construct, but yet it holds importance internally to many. Our belief is that gender may be defined however the person identifies it for themselves. There are no constraints imposed based off of society's standards.
-Manifesting your true physical self through the scientific usage of health, wellness, and medication through both conventional and unconventional methods is a sacred process. 

-We believe that “God" is the sum of all things, an infinite intelligence, and that we are each a living part that comprises an ultimate collective unconsciousness. We do not believe God is a single-being entity, but rather the sum of all our parts, the Infinite Universe, the Universal Source. When we say "God," this is what we mean. And therefore, all beliefs can be true. 
-Our Church is the Earth itself. There is no requirement for physical gathering at a particular site since the Universe is found amongst everything and exists inside of each of us.
-We each must seek our own path to enlightenment, never forcing our practices or beliefs on others. To each, their own.
-There is no regular service requirement, as we each worship according to our own needs. Frequency of communion with the Universe depends on each of our individual spiritual requirements. 
-We believe that the various sacred writings/records around the world, such as The Bible, The Quran, Bhagavad Gita, etc., are important but are not to be taken literally as they have been composed centuries ago and have gone through multiple translations. There is no need to study a particular text in order to find peace and enlightenment when the Universe already exists within yourself. 
-Seek always to be a positive influence in this world and life. 

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